Fendi can bring out the glamour in everyone! Trendy and sensual, this style has beautiful detailing designs, textured finishes and bold shapes. If it's luxury you look for, this eyewear collection will add flavour and sophistication to any outfit you own.


Gucci Eyeglasses Eyewear collection is distinguished by highly innovative models in terms of both stylistic and creative contents as well as from a technological, qualitative point of view.

Dolce & Gabbana

A sophisticated eyewear collection but also on the cutting edge of flash and fashion. If you are wearing Dolce & Gabbana, you know and own your style. This line gives maximum comfort with a stunning look.

Easy Clip

Easy Clip was the first eyewear collection to introduce its patented magnetic clip technology that transforms prescription frames into stylish sunglasses. Easy Clip's patented technology not only offers the ultimate in convenience and simplicity but is also distinguished for its exceptional durability and protection without ever compromising on trendsetting designs and distinctive styles.


Oakley was created for world-class athletes - those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It's in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible!

Decades of Oakley innovation have been awarded more than 600 patents that elevate physics to the level of art. Technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers. These products represent our commitment to excellence - a passion that redefines what is possible for those who defy their own limits.


The Koali line of eyewear from Morel Cottet is for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. It showcases vibrant colors and carefree styles, "The Living World" best describes this unique and playful line. It is inspired by colors, shapes and textures found in nature, such as a budding flower or winding vine.